Looking backwards as you are moving forward

This weekend my husband Michael, best friend Michele, and I headed to the top of Sandia Mountain to do a little snow shoeing.  It has been a mild winter here in New Mexico, and last week we finally got a bit of snow.  So, up to the top of Sandia for a few hours of snow shoeing.  Several things tend to be part of the snow shoeing experience, often while shoeing through wood you walk in single file, which is fine, but it also makes the person at the front very difficult to understand.  As we were clomping along, Michele had something to say, which I couldn’t hear, due to the above issue.  Without pause, she swivelled her head around to restate her message, at which point she tripped on her snow shoes.  I have to say that her speedy reflexes allowed her to regain her balance, instead of falling.  But, for me it was a good reminder of the dangers of looking backwards whilst moving forwards.

I think this is a bit more of the ‘It is what it is…” conversation.  I know that I have moments when I lose track of the present moment and in looking backwards, continue to propel myself forward without awareness.  I seem to forget what I was doing and that the doing requires a certain amount of attention.

The Preto Principle says that for many situations, there is a law of averages that states that 80% of results come from 20% of causes.  So, for an example: In any work force 20% of the people do 80% of the work, etc.  In John Gottman’s work on relationships, he has found that you need a 5/1 imbalance towards positivity in a relationship, in order for people to feel really happy.  Roughly 80/20.  I think this applies to us personally as well.  If 80% of the time you can work on moving forward with awareness, you be able to recover the 20% of the time you forget or get distracted.  But, if 80% of the time you are looking backwards, you may find yourself in for a fall.


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