up through the trees

Moving with formless fluttering
a gentle snapping
crisp pines accommodating
the psithuristic wind
like silk moving
over flesh and bone

Your call
a sirens song
dissonant conversation
you rustle through the trees
trees giving a soft lament
dancing with the wind

Susurrous melody of green
whispering stories
fingering the pines

Tousling leaves
tossing toward extremes
passionate expression
a lashing
chaotic flurry
the crack
whip like limbs

a forest yielding
to the sirens fury
bend so as not to be broken

Soughing endurance
the whistle of an elaborated new story
wisdom earned through survival
flexible and strong
the rings are thicker here
where the need was greatest

soft sounds meld into
a flowing melody
natures nebulous discourse
mollient and silken
slow winds whined
through the trees

*Art and Poetry Copyright 2014 Lyssa Danehy deHart


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