lonely spaces

beneath the surface

There are lonely spaces, voids in my comprehension
Secret nooks inside my mind, where truths are hidden
Knowing that the dreams stay dreams without an action
But lost as to what to do

What if for once I let go, to act so as to become
Fitting myself around and into this person I am making
Pushing past the parts that tremble
Lost in my lonely wanting, lonely expectations
At times it all smells blue, like clear skies of fear

Mustering courage, gathering my strong parts
It is the only way through the impasses created
The strongest steel comes from the hottest fire

It is always myself being dealt with
Having to go looking for myself regularly
Dragged from the places inside where I hide
Nails scratching trenches upon my mind
Afraid to be seen because there might be rejection

Unclench the jaw that smiles so tensely
And, if I look closely, outside of myself
Is that you I see, hiding in your own dark spaces
Take my hand – We might just walk out of this together

I submitted this poem to the Bainbridge Island Poetry Contest. ┬áIt was selected as one of the poems to be posted around town for April’s Poetry Month.